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A Leadership Philosophy

Leadership isn’t straightforward. A leadership philosophy is very personal. I find it challenging to articulate, given a diverse set of successful styles. There isn’t a single philosophy that is the best, but rather a collection of pros & cons to consider within a specific context. Depending on the context, a particular leadership style would fail miserably while another would flourish.

Tune in while I will share my leadership style as a Principal Engineer.


Principles are a guiding light in the darkness. Without principles, you’ll find chaos unless your context is cut and dry.

I follow these principles to keep myself honest.

Be Authentic

  • I am who I am.
  • I don’t withhold opinions.
  • What you see is what you get.

Unwavering Confidence

  • I directly face adversity.
  • I stand by my decisions.
  • I know we can do it.


  • I own my mistakes.
  • I hold myself accountable.
  • I lead with facts over feelings.


  • I don’t know everything.
  • My team knows best.
  • I listen to all feedback.


  • I’m only as good as my team.
  • I foster effective communication.
  • I build trust by doing.


  • I care about you.
  • I want you to succeed.
  • I believe in you.


  • I know change is constant.
  • I get ahead of problems.
  • I look for opportunities.

The Struggle

I’m unconvinced that anyone is a born leader. The act of leadership is a lifelong endeavor. At no point in my life have I believed I am the best leader while feeling inadequate, lost, and confused when people looked to me for the answers. I have felt like a deer in headlights. 🦌

However, all experiences lead to confidence; everything is easy when you’ve done it all.

If you are an aspiring or struggling leader, with time, you will succeed. Don’t give up, and believe in yourself as much as your heroes.

What’s Your Philosophy?

We need leaders now more than ever. Navigating our world during unprecedented change and uncertainty isn’t easy, but someone has to do it. If you’re a parent, elder sibling, manager, entrepreneur, public servant, an expert in your field, and many more, you’re a leader.

If you haven’t pondered your philosophy, now is a good time to lead yourself in this new era.