Bitwarden provides rock-solid password management. Password management is high on my list of things I want to automate.

I’ve used Lastpass to manage those passwords for several years. In the beginning, it was a great experience. The apps were stable, and everything worked. But, unfortunately, the quality declined, and Lastpass became a chore.

I started cleaning my Lastpass site entries today. Using the windows desktop app to do this task is the easiest. Unfortunately, the app crashed as I was editing an entry. I used the mac client and found it wanting.

Given my poor Lastpass experiences, I went to my favorite website for alternatives and found Bitwarden at the top. Installation of the google extension, desktop app, and android mobile app was smooth. In addition, I can use the critical autofill feature that Lastpass provides on my S10 with the Bitwarden autofill feature on android. Bitwarden is well documented, unlike Lastpass.

The Lastpass to Bitwarden import documentation was well-crafted and easy to understand.

I’ll be using Bitwarden for the next several days. I’m sold if it is more stable and provides the key features that Lastpass does.

My features requirements:

  1. Ability to autofill logins and passwords on desktop and mobile.
  2. Ability to store credit card information securely
  3. Ability to share passwords with my family

My next article, Lastpass to Bitwarden Part 2, details other experiences with Bitwarden.