Lastpass went to the past. In my last article, Lastpass to Bitwarden - Part 1, I wrote about my decision to try Bitwarden.

I’ve been using Bitwarden for several weeks, and here are my experiences.

The desktop client could be more straightforward. For example, moving an entry to a new folder doesn’t let you drag and drop but instead makes you edit an entry and then change the folder.

The Android client has the necessary options and does the job. When attempting to take a screenshot of the options, it securely prohibited that, so I had to use another camera to take the screenshot.

I uninstalled Lastpass from my machine. Like other software, they asked me why I was uninstalling the product. Ironically I was unable to provide the feedback even after logging into Lastpass. I hope for the sake of the Lastpass employees that the product improves.