I had a task to check out Roam notes. I finally got around to completing the job, and I’m glad I did. While researching, I ran into Dendron,, similar to Roam.

Roam costs money, I don’t need another bill, and I’m dumping Evernote. Roam is double the cost of Evernote, so that’s a non-starter.

Dendron is free, and it fills my requirements for note-taking.

  1. Free
  2. Text-based, to avoid vendor lock-in
  3. Hierarchical
  4. Note Linking
  5. Mobile Editing
  6. Storage in Git


Dendron is a Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) tool that can scale to over 20K notes. It’s a VScode extension that lets me manage my notes while filling in all requirements.

It supports the following notable features.

  • Markdown notes to keep things simple.
  • Front Matter to annotate your notes with a title and description.
  • Schemas allow you to enforce structure in your notes.
  • Workspace and vaults to organize your notes.
  • Hierarchies to further organize your notes.
  • Graph View to visualize your notes and quickly find them.

It has many other features, and notably, it integrates with tools like Anki to memorize facts.


I needed a way to edit and create notes on the run. I also wanted to save photos to my notes, and lo n’ behold, GitJournal meets both requirements.


I’ll update this post as I learn more. Dendron, paired with GitJournal, is a suitable solution with many benefits. The markdown-based note-taking world is full of colorful tools. Now that my notes are text-based new opportunities are on the horizon.