Open source web clipper?! Yes, it’s true, there is such a thing, and it’s fantastic.

I’ve been using Evernote for a couple of years, and I’ve found it to be less than ideal. It has many features I like, but it’s trying to do too many things.

I’ve also used OneNote and Notion and find they try too hard. I appreciate the simplicity of tools like the open-source web clipper.

The Evernote web clipper is one of my favorite features. When I find an article I like, I clip it. I’ve bookmarked an article too many times to later find it was removed. I’m also interested in reading articles on planes. ✈️

Enter the open-source web clipper extension on Google Chrome.

Notably, the web clipper extension provides a GitHub integration.

I’ll update this blog post if I use other notable features.