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Yet Another Productivity System

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Yet another productivity system that won’t work for you!


I’ve chased the productivity pegasus my entire life. I’ve tried many focus techniques and failed fast. This time, It’ll be different. 🤞

Hopefully, you’ll find this helpful; I know I will.


  1. I have ADHD; I must calm the beast.
  2. Achievement and data are my drugs.
  3. I feel the need, the need for speed.

The Big Picture

My underlying system is complex, but abstract ideas are not.

Here are my system components.

  1. Describe An Initiative
    1. OPTIONAL: Diagram An Initiative
  2. Create A Backlog
  3. Plan Work
  4. Schedule Work
  5. Do Work
  6. Celebrate
  7. Rinse Repeat!

Use your preferred tools to follow this guidance, but I recommend a Kanban board.

My Workflow

I use Trello to manage my workflow.

I’ve used Trello since 2020. I dump ideas, do work, and keep myself honest with it.

I have two Kanban boards, amongst 50+ boards; I recommend using fewer boards, I have a problem.

Action & Schedule

My Action Board includes randomly generated tasks.

In ProgressRecurringOn Deck
Make a doctor’s appointmentTry Something NewAdd to Vegas plans
Action Kanban Board

My Schedule Board includes scheduled tasks.

Make a doctor’s appointmentRead chapter 3 of The Pragmatic ProgrammerAdd stops to Vegas plansWatch Very Bad Things for researchFly To VegasPlay Some Slots
Schedule Kanban Board

I commit to one estimated task per day. It gets the ball rolling, then I add Queued items at will.

I use the Pomodoro technique.