Yet another productivity system that won’t work for you!


I relentlessly chase the productivity pegasus. I’ve tried many focus techniques and failed fast.

This time, It’ll be different. 🀞


  1. I have ADHD; I must calm the beast.
  2. Achievement and data are my drugs. πŸ’‰
  3. I feel the need, the need for speed.
  4. I have 999 problems.

I solve my problems by creating two new problems as a distraction.

The Big Picture

Here are my system components.

  1. Use the 18 Minutes framework focusing on no more than five initiatives
  2. Schedule time to focus on work.
  3. I do Deep Work
  4. Celebrate Wins! πŸ₯³
  5. Rinse Repeat!

Use your preferred tools to follow this guidance, but I recommend a Kanban board.

My Workflow

I use Trello to manage my workflow.

I’ve used Trello since 2020. I dump ideas, do work, and keep myself honest with it.

I use two Kanban boards to support my workflow; among 50+ boards, I recommend using fewer boards; I have a problem.

graph LR; OKR-->Initiative; Initiative-->Action; Action-->Schedule; Action-->Recurring; Recurring-->Schedule; Schedule-->Action; Schedule-->Pomodoro; Pomodoro-->Action;

Action & Schedule

My Action Board includes randomly generated tasks flowing from the abyss of consciousness.

In ProgressRecurringOn Deck
Listen to Your Strategy Needs A StrategyLift weights for thirty minutesDeploy Wekan

Action Kanban Board

My Schedule Board includes scheduled tasks linked to my Action Board.

Advance Fundamental KnowledgeImprove Family Health & EducationIncrease OrderCreate Canzan LiftCreate Canzan Core Platform & BusinessGuides
Listen to Your Strategy Needs a StrategyLift weights for thirty minutesAdopt the 18 minutes frameworkBuild architecture diagramsEvaluate WekanMy Principles

Schedule Kanban Board

I use the Copy & Link Trello plugin to copy & link tasks from my Action Board to my Schedule Board.

I use the 18 Minutes technique to plan my year.

I schedule recurring tasks alongside other tasks.

I use the Pomodoro technique.

I use OKRs.

I consistently learn how to prioritize more effectively.