Yet another productivity system that won’t work for you!


I relentlessly chase the productivity Pegasus. πŸ¦„

I’ve tried many focus techniques and failed fast. βœ…

This time, It’ll be different. 🀞


  1. I have ADHD; I must calm the beast.
  2. Achievement and data are my drugs. πŸ’‰
  3. I feel the need, the need for speed.
  4. I have 999 problems.

I solve my problems by creating two new problems as a distraction.

The Big Picture

Here are my system components.

  1. Use the 18 Minutes framework; focus on five yearly initiatives
  2. Focus on Getting Things Done by dumping incessant ideas into Kanban boards
  3. Schedule time to focus on work
  4. Work Clean
  5. Do Deep Work
  6. Practice Atomic Habits
  7. Celebrate Wins! πŸ₯³
  8. Rinse Repeat!

Use your preferred tools to follow this guidance, but I recommend a Kanban board.

My Workflow

I use Trello to manage my workflow.

I’ve used it since 2020 to dump ideas, do work, and keep myself honest.

I use a single Kanban board to support my workflow; among 50+ boards, I recommend using fewer boards; I have a problem.

graph LR; OKR-->Initiative; Initiative-->Schedule; Schedule-->Action; Schedule-->Pomodoro; Pomodoro-->Action;

My Schedule Board includes scheduled & recurring tasks.

I keep guides handy.

Advance Fundamental KnowledgeImprove Family Health & EducationIncrease OrderCreate Canzan LiftCreate Canzan Core Platform & BusinessGuides
Listen to Your Strategy Needs a StrategyLift weights for thirty minutesAdopt the 18 minutes frameworkBuild architecture diagramsEvaluate WekanMy Principles

Schedule Kanban Board

I use the 18 Minutes technique to plan my year.

I schedule recurring tasks alongside other tasks with a preference for habits. Habits are damn near automatic, oh wait!

I use the Pomodoro technique with a Pomodoro Cube.

I use OKRs.

I consistently learn how to prioritize more effectively.