Migrating From Evernote to Joplin is a straightforward task. This article will walk you through migrating from Evernote to Joplin on macOS and Android.

My History With Evernote

I used Evernote for just shy of three years. I used it briefly when it came out, then quickly pivoted to using handwritten note software. I was tired of maintaining my note app, so I switched to OneNote for a while. OneNote isn’t a complete disaster, but a multitude of bugs surrounding Microsoft’s ecosystem finally pissed me off too much, so I switched to Evernote.

The past few months with Evernote have been a disaster. I used the macOS, Windows, Android versions, and versions after version 7.X migrated to a new version, built upon Electron. I’m not sure if Electron is the cause of stability issues or if it’s simply a raging grease fire.

The Evernote app folder contains Electron artifacts indicating that Electron is their chosen web application framework.


I used the Legacy Evernote after facing numerous bugs along with missing features, though it’s inevitable they will decommission it soon without warning. The legacy client started crashing on me, so I started looking for alternatives. I stumbled upon Dendron, which fit the bill for a while, but I found myself missing features I needed.

Fast forward to today, and I have had it with Evernote. It’s slow to load on Android, and Evernote doesn’t listen to its users. It’s time to move on.

Migrating To Joplin

I saw a funny post on Reddit asking, “WTF are Evernote doing?” I said they are losing customers, and now I am writing about my brief experience migrating to Joplin.

Here are the steps I’ve taken to get to note-taking nirvana on my Macbook Pro.

  1. Install Joplin on Android
  2. Configure the Android client to sync with OneDrive
  3. Open the Legacy Evernote Client.
    • The new version only lets you select 50 notes, WTF?!
  4. Select a notebook
  5. Select all notes by pressing Cmd-A
  6. Hold Control, then click your selected notes list
  7. Select Export Notes
  8. Check Include tags for each note
  9. Save the note export with the same name as my notebook
  10. Open Joplin
  11. Go to File -> Import -> ENEX - Evernote Export File (as Markdown)
    • If you want to use HTML, that’s up to you.
      • I recommend Markdown for easier raw editing experiences.
  12. Choose your saved notebook
    • Rinse Repeat
  13. Open Joplin Preferences -> Synchronization
  14. Choose a sync target
    • I used the local App/Joplin folder synced with OneDrive
  15. Click Synchronize
  16. Wait for the newly imported notes to sync with OneDrive
  17. Edit notes on an Android device, or a MacBook
  18. Profit


Note apps are plentiful, and Evernote worked well for me. I wouldn’t say I liked paying for it, but ~$69.00 a year is a lot cheaper than coffee. I’ll miss some of its features, but the open-source Joplin will catch up and surpass anything Evernote can throw at us. The experience is so similar and so smooth; I’m excited for the future of it. I also like the name.

These features will bring all the boys to the yard.

I hope this article helped you escape the Evernote hellscape in 2021. 👋 📓