Big Tech receives a lot of negative press. It’s easy to throw Big Tech under the bus. The tech industry must address severe issues with centralized systems, but overall, it positively impacts society.

Let’s think about it.

If it weren’t for Big Tech:

  • No remote work
  • Slow food delivery
  • Blockbuster would still overcharge us
  • No instant search results
  • We’d have low-IQ phones

On the flip side

  • Overpowered tech companies take advantage of us
  • Shady business behaviors thrive
  • Big Tech creates big problems

No doubt there are problems to address, but shitposting on the Internet isn’t helpful.

Thank You

I’m thankful for the tools & connections provided by Big Tech companies. I’m more organized than ever. I can buy what I need and have it delivered quickly. When I’m bored, I can fire up Netflix, Disney+, and a legion of other services to pass the time.

I have AMAZING longstanding friendships. I can video chat with my family in other states. I constantly learn new things with a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips.

I joined an ADHD group post-diagnosis. Thanks to Big Tech, I have direct access to an extensive network of people with valuable insight. The media rarely discusses these positive social media experiences.

Do I want more meaningful connections than Big Tech companies currently provide? Yes, but their power will fade, and less toxic solutions will displace them.

The truth is Big Tech has changed the world for the better. It’s easy to focus on the negative.

Big Tech Alternatives

Social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok ooze with complaints. Instead of complaining, let’s come up with solutions.

Here are some alternatives to Big Tech products.

Social Media

I am still looking for a suitable Big Tech social media replacement, but here are some alternatives.


In the past, I was hopeful that Diaspora would displace Facebook. It’s the right idea, but it needs more steam. It sets up a pod and connects you to a social network. Once you convince all your friends to join your server, it’s on.


PanQuake is still in beta, and the team is attempting to thwart Big Tech’s social media dominance. I’m keenly interested in how well a community-driven social media platform can operate. I hope their beta pans out.

Something New

A new paradigm will emerge to displace Big Tech companies. It’s not a matter of if but when. The tech industry eats itself and will do it again. Eventually, we’ll all be working in tech companies. I, for one, welcome this paradigm shift.

We can look in the mirror and change what we see. After all, technology is human-made; it’s flawed, broken, and often frustrating. Let’s forge new paths.

Cloud Solutions

Technologists love biting the snake’s tail. The tech industry is currently in a rapid cloud provider loop.

Biting Its Tail

Software containers bite the serverless tail, and the serverless tail bites everything else. That’s peachy; more options for everyone.

If you’re worried about a centralized cloud system, build a container and deploy it to any cloud, nothing stops you. Your Big Tech problem is solved.

Here are some fun container management tools.


I want more positive discourse centered around tech in the news and social media. A constant focus on Big Tech’s negative aspects is imbalanced.

When we look at all sides of a situation, we find the middle, where reason lives. In the middle, we’ll hear each other and solve our problems. That’s where I want to be; what about you?