How do I use Google? Strap in, and let’s learn some google-fu. 🤺

Double Quotes

Wrap your keywords in double quotes like this.

"google fu"

Try it out:“google+fu”

Google will only return pages with “google-fu” in the content.

Exclude Keyword

Building on the previous example.

"google fu" -medium

I’m not fond of Medium, so I’ll keep that out of my results.

Try it out:“google+fu”+-medium

Search One Site

I bet Urban Dictionary has something to say about google-fu.

Search in a single website, and reduce the noise.

google fu site:

Combine your double-quote fu with your site fu to get more specific.

Try it out:

Search By Date Range

I don’t want any new-school google-fu, so I’ll limit the range.

google fu after:2000-06-25 before:2000-06-27

Try it out:

Beyond The Basics