The Basics

Part of your toolkit when interviewing is understanding common coding challenges. Quickly jumping through interview code challenge hoops will increase your chances of landing a job. This is a painful truth, but it is what it is. To help you succeed at your next interview, I have laid out some tips and code for you.

Primary Use Cases

  • Landing a job
  • Improving your code
  • Increasing your understanding

Uncommon and Unsuitable Use Cases

  • Actual code, on the job, in most cases

Code Challenges

Let’s get to the meat & potatoes. I perform and write code for common Java coding challenges.

  1. Navigate to the Challenges folder.
  2. Attempt to solve each challenge.
  3. If you get stuck, open the Solutions folder.

Good luck! 🤞🍀

Learn Java Coding Challenges - Beyond the Basics

Other Learning