Elixir Learning

Learning Elixir

Reading Time: 2 minutes Learning Elixir for fun and profit? It’s not a secret that Programmers like a great holy war. The echos of passionate programmers shouting with their banners high live on Stack Overflow for eternity. The editor wars rage on. Like many other holy wars, object-oriented vs. functional programming is an ongoing saga. Most programmers use functional…

Death by 1000 Cuts

The Blame Game – Deadly Cut 3

Reading Time: 2 minutes Have you ever been stuck in whodunit limbo? Stuck in between two companies with no way out? One company says their product no longer works because another company broke theirs. These days it’s usually a large company that breaks the product you’re using due to an API policy change. In the old days, it was…



Reading Time: 3 minutes Whiteboarding is a skill that I’ve neglected over the years. I’ve always preferred to clearly articulate complex problems verbally, with digital documentation, and just plain code. While I’ve neglected it I’ve been able to get through interviews and use a whiteboard to present my ideas and code but not confidently. Clearly I need an update.…


MagicMirror, the digital display platform

Reading Time: 3 minutes MagicMirror is an open-source project used to create a customizable fullscreen display. I recently read Scott Hanselman’s article about building a Wall Mounted display for your home. I’ve had a Raspberry PI lying around for a while so I bought a Sceptre E205W-16003R 20″ on Amazon for the display. I also bought a VideoSecu Tilt…

Death by 1000 Cuts

Software Reliability – Deadly Cut 2

Reading Time: 2 minutes Software reliability is supremely important. I told my wife that I would download something. I told her it would take 10 minutes. More than an hour later I’m still downloading the file due to software bugs. I only wanted to download a file, that’s it, but apparently asking for software reliability was too much to…


Lastpass to Bitwarden – Part 2

Reading Time: 2 minutes Lastpass went to the past In my last article, Lastpass to Bitwarden – Part 1, I wrote about my decision to switch password managers. I’ve been using Bitwarden the past several weeks and here are my experiences with it. The desktop client is a bit clunky. Moving an entry to a new folder doesn’t let…

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code and opening a file by file type

Reading Time: < 1 minute Visual Studio Code and opening the program that is associated with the file’s extension. This covers both Mac and Windows. Mac CMD-Shift-P Tasks: Configure Task Add this JSON to the task Windows Ctrl-Shift-P or F1 Tasks: Configure Task Add this JSON to the task file



Reading Time: 2 minutes Terraform is an alternative to cloud-specific resource management tools. CloudFormation and Azure’s Resource Manager template maintenance are boons for automation. I work with Amazon Web Services so I tried out the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK). The CDK sounds like a great idea on paper but the documentation is abysmal. While sifting through GitHub repositories…