Jeff Bailey
Written by Jeff Bailey
Learning resources, opinions, and facts about technology.


  • Love (I care about everyone and everything the right amount)
  • Truth (I seek the truth in all endeavors)
  • Habit (I define habits that will aid in achieving goals)
  • Health (I focus on making myself as healthy as possible)
  • Discipline (I discipline myself and impart the importance of discipline upon others)
  • Efficiency (I find the most efficient way to do things)
  • Intelligence (I seek to apply knowledge effectively)
  • Knowledge (I seek to learn as much as I can)
  • Effectiveness (I strive to be as effective as I can be with all endeavors)
  • Perseverance (I work until what I set to do is done)
  • Ideas (I let ideas flow and put them into action)
  • Simplicity (I seek to simplify everything in my world)
  • Self Awareness (I know who I am, and I know who I am not)